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                                                                   WHY SHOULD YOU CONSIDER THE FLEXIBILITY OF MINI-SPLIT AND VRF AC SYSTEMS?

Because of the Superior Adaptability of Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems that can work in Conjunction with an existing Heating and Cooling environment, it allows the Creation of a Hybrid heating and cooling system that adds Value, Comfort, Reliability, and with Lower Energy Consumption to boot.

So how do you modernize an existing heating or cooling environment that is costly to operate and inadequate; one that consumes a lot of fuel oil, natural gas, propane, or electricity? There are several ways to accomplish this and we will consider hot water heating, steam heating, oil or gas furnace with forced air, window air conditioning, no air conditioning, central air conditioning with air handlers and outdoor condensers, central ac with condenser equipped with heat pumps, plus central ac utilizing chilled water from chillers with air handlers as distribution. We try to answer, provide examples, and solutions as it pertains to these type of conditioned environments below.
Above is a Mitsubishi VRF system capable of simultaneous cooling and heating. It takes heat from one area that needs cooling such as computer rooms and distributes it to other areas like enclosed offices that need heat. It only makes cooling or heating only when needed. Large buildings utilize this type of Mitsubishi air conditioning which can run in tandem with other Mitsubishi VRF's. We install VRF ductless AC for home or business in New Jersey.
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Commercial & Residential Mini-Split AC Ductless Installation

We Service Mini-Split AC, Central AC & VRF Systems

Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, LG, Daikin, Panasonic, Samsung AC Repaired


Hot Water Heating with Mini-split AC Systems in a Commercial Setting:

With hot water heating in a commercial setting it typically involves a boiler(s) that supply hot water for heating during the winter and chillers that supply chilled water for cooling during warm weather to condition a building’s environment. Hot water is provided by utilizing natural gas or fuel oil using large boilers or combinations of smaller boilers joined to act as a large boiler. As with both hot water and chilled water it is distributed by common a air handler(s).

The way we think that one should go about this is... if it uses fuel oil, then use of this equipment should be completely eliminated whenever possible. Insurance companies see greater liability with fuel oil in underground tanks, and also oil prices as a whole costs more than natural gas. Existing boiler(s) can be cleaned and converted to natural gas thru burner conversion if it is still in good shape. Incidentally, there is a large bed of natural gas that stretches from New York State to Virginia alone to provide stability in the price of natural gas. It would take many more years to provide the infrastructure to liquefy and export natural gas in the US as well as to build more vehicles and factories that runs on natural gas in order to put a dent on gas usage. By the way, oil to gas conversions is another area that we specialize in.

Winters in the North East of America and probably elsewhere also typically average at temperatures higher than what the boilers are capable of producing. Very cold days average only about 8 days of the year with boiler capacity running between 80 and 100%, and cold days about 24 days of the year at about 60 and 80% capacity. The rest of the time these large capacity boilers continuously drop in efficiency as the heat load diminishes. See the chart below.


Since large hot water boilers do not run at or near capacity throughout the winter to provide heat at optimum efficiency, and also consider that these large boilers aren’t very efficient to begin with, these is where a hybrid design makes sense. We will begin with hot water heating and will tackle the chilled water side of it used for cooling afterwards.

By upgrading fuel oil boilers with natural gas burners, savings in fuel costs can be achieved as well as reducing our carbon footprint on planet Earth.
Next we install a hybrid hot water system that will utilize ultra-condensing hot water boilers which will take over the duty of providing heat from the large boilers during the remaining days of the winter which is approximately 49 days at 40 and 60% the normal capacity of the large boiler, 65 days at 20 and 40% capacity, plus 47 days with a load between 0 and 20% capacity of the large boiler. Now you can see why a large boiler is not suitable for providing heat during the winter except on very cold days only; it is simply not economical to run large boilers all winter long. Ultra-condensing gas boilers can run at very high efficiency levels at above 90% during the majority of the winter months that are not very cold, creating greater fuel cost savings that pay for its installation while increasing profitability without sacrificing comfort during the winter. These ultra-condensing boilers can also be installed in cascade mode so that the master or lead boiler can control other ultra-condensing boiler(s) attached to the system to create the heating capacity needed.

Since a chiller(s) works only to cool in hot weather conditions utilizing the same air handler as heating, the chiller is an expensive piece of machinery that when it goes down can be difficult to fix right away. Some of the chillers in operation are more than 35 years old. I was recently asked to look at a chiller that was not providing adequate cooling, and it was 55 years old and still running. This customer told me that the several other repairers that were asked or came before me, one said it would cost $100,000 to replace it, another said that they wanted $4,800 just to assess what was needed, and all it was were half of the fans in the outdoor condensing unit that liquefy gaseous refrigerant were not working thereby reducing the water chilling capacity of the chiller to about 45%. You don’t condemn the whole chiller for something like this especially if it is easily fixed, you repair it instead. That is why we are writing this information so that a redundant back-up that pertains to your operation can be utilized in conjunction with an existing air conditioning environment.
The addition of mini-split ac systems and other VRF ac systems from Mitsubishi Electric and Fujitsu General is the other side of the coin. Versatility and adaptability of mini-split ac and VRF ac systems is the key here. Mini-split ac systems as well as other VRF ac systems require no ductwork and are duct-less unless you want it to feed into a ductwork. The mini-split system provides very efficient cooling unlike chillers and also provides heating at efficiency levels beyond what fossil fuel powered heating equipment can provide. Duct-less min-split systems will highly customize a comfort zone more economically than other heating and cooling apparatus such as boilers and chillers. Ductless mini-split ac systems can achieve up to 400% efficiency while heating and also offer the highest efficiency in cooling. Mini-split ac systems offer remote control of an environment to tailor to individual needs whether it be cooling or heating, as redundancy backup to existing air conditioning to counter failures specially on older heating and cooling equipment, plus it economizes current energy expenditure costs so that the mini-split ac system will pay for itself. Why suffer with air handlers that are incapable of controlling a heating or cooling environment properly; utilize a ductless minisplit system in conjunction with it.

Mitsubishi Commercial & Residential AC Repair



We specialize on residential, commercial installations along with service of mini-split ac systems from Fujitsu General Halcyon Variable Refrigerant Flow cooling and heating AC systems and also from Mitsubishi’s mini-split air conditioning systems that includes their full line of VRF City Multi simultaneous cooling and heating products. We are factory trained and certified on both Fujitsu and Mitsubishi air conditioning systems.

Why Install Mini-Split AC and other VRF Air Conditioning Systems for your home or business?

Mini-split air conditioning systems are the most versatile heating and cooling systems in the world. It doesn’t stop with Fujitsu or Mitsubishi Variable Refrigerant systems; many other brands based on the same principle would probably do well also in providing highly efficient cooling and heating. For us however, we promote Fujitsu and Mitsubishi mini-split ac VRF systems because we are factory trained and certified on their products.

The inherent design of mini-split air conditioning systems is that they are capable of varying the refrigerant flow as well as provide duct-less technology that makes them more capable of adapting to many heating and cooling environments, large and small. Mini-split ac systems are fuel-less heating systems because they utilize refrigerants such as R410A which can boil at outside cold winter temperatures to provide heat indoors. Mini-split ac systems due to its VRF and ductless design allow much higher energy efficiency levels than standard central air conditioning. Variable refrigerant flow is when the electro-mechanical circuits and mechanisms of a mini-split air conditioning system allow the refrigerant flow to be oscillated for maximum efficiency when heating or cooling. The Fujitsu mini-split systems that we install in New Jersey have the capability of providing fuel-less heating down to minus fifteen degrees Fahrenheit and are very reasonable in costs. You get what you pay for and with Fujitsu mini-split ac systems; based on this principle it is considered to be less costly and affordable in terms of comfort, reliability, and on energy expenditure. Fujitsu indoor mini-split ac units each have a remote control that can tailor to an individual’s needs the comfort level desired; cooling, heating, sound level, highest efficiency setting, blower fan speed, and others. With Mitsubishi VRF ac systems that provide cooling and heating, the same can be said about tailoring of the comfort level that can be achieved within an air conditioned environment. Widely used in Asia and Europe because of the VRF and mini-split systems capability to deliver duct-less technology as well as other combinations of ducted environments: hot water heating; ventilation; simultaneous heating and cooling; world-wide monitoring via the Internet; high end Mitsubishi VRF City Multi systems for mixed use are ideal for buildings such as schools, offices, at places of worship like temples and churches, and in skyscrapers. Mitsubishi City Multi systems are also very energy efficient.
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Above is a factory training facility where the Mitsubishi City Multi VRF system product line is taught. Certifications are only given when one completes training. Installations of high end City Multi systems must undergo procedures set by Mitsubishi to attain warranty and to receive technical support where needed.

With Fujitsu mini-split ac systems, training is split into two: completion of classroom participation plus online certification for larger air conditioning units.

Do not let anyone without proper training install a mini-split ac system. Mini-split systems and other VRF systems must undergo at a minimum proper pressurization tests that mimic R410a refrigerant working pressures, and the necessary deep vacuuming that can boil off any moisture content in the refrigerant lines so that the air conditioning system's longevity is not compromised.
                                                                                      Steam Heating with Mini-split AC Systems in a Commercial or Residential Setting

Many older buildings still employ steam heating with fuel oil or gas but with no air conditioning. If you look outside at their windows, people are probably using window air conditioners that are very low in efficiency as opposed to mini-split systems.

To effectively transform steam heating into today’s standard, first if it is using fuel oil, and if it is in good condition then just clean the boiler(s) and accommodate it with natural gas burners, otherwise replacement to pure gas boilers make sense. Check to make sure that steam traps and other controls are in working order and the return of condensation lines performing satisfactory. Afterwards a ductless mini-split ac system such as from Fujitsu or a large ductless VRF system from Mitsubishi can be implemented to provide cooling and heating. These very high efficiency VRF (variable refrigerant flow apply to both Fujitsu and Mitsubishi) systems will provide all of the cooling and the bulk of the heating except on exceptionally cold days where steam heat from the boilers takes over. The installation of ductless minisplit ac and larger VRF air conditioning systems in a steam heat type of environment will also yield savings in fuel costs that allow these units to pay for themselves as well as increase the value of the place that they are installed at. Talk or write to us at cust.service@handymen-of-america.com if you have any questions.

                                                                                                    Forced Air Central Air Conditioning with Mini-split AC Systems

Many homes and small business use central ac with forced air for their heating and cooling. Some use forced air with cooling only while others use forced air for heating. Forced air can be provided by a gas or oil furnace or a separate air handler or through specialty small duct high velocity air handlers such as from Unico or SpacePak.

As with fuel oil heating we do not recommend it due to costs; fuel oil also has a larger carbon footprint than natural gas and unless you live in an area where only oil or propane is available it is best to switch away from oil as you will be in competition globally with the price of oil. Natural gas prices are cheap and this commodity is plentiful in North America and should provide stable pricing for the next several years until demand reaches the level of production. Heating with oil is about as expensive as with propane which is liquefied petroleum gas (LP). Modern gas furnaces come with burners equipped with dual settings for Btu output and variable speed blowers to circulate heating or cooling to increase comfort level even more.

To optimize heating and cooling efficiency with forced air, older systems using R22 refrigerant should be upgraded to high efficiency outdoor condensers that use R410a refrigerant for cooling and with condensers equipped with a heat pump for heating. The higher the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of the condenser the better it is. Higher efficiency translates into more savings. Incorporating a TXV in at the air handler unit also increases the efficiency even more. Just do not combine equipment rated only for R22 refrigerant with R410a refrigerant as the working pressures are different with R410a being much higher. Again with this setup whichever is more cost effective, you install additional separate duct-less mini-split ac systems where cooling or heating is inadequate rather than replacing the whole air conditioning system with a larger condenser or air handler and additional ductwork.

We have covered as much territory as we can with the efficiency, versatility, and adaptability of duct-less mini-split systems from Fujitsu and larger VRF systems from Mitsubishi with our goal to fit all of it into a single page, thank you for visiting our website.

At Handymen of America we provide full one stop service for homes and businesses and their requirements for air conditioning. Our repair service policy is simple: if we can't fix your ac problem we offer 100% money back on labor.

We convert central air conditioning with oil heat to gas heat. When you convert central air conditioning systems that use oil furnaces for air handling with heating and cooling into natural gas, it offers a great opportunity to convert to higher efficient cooling and heating. You also help our planet by migrating to a cleaner burning fuel such as natural gas. This will lower your heating and cooling costs as well when you convert from oil heat with ac to a higher efficiency air conditioning with gas heat.

Furnace efficiency is just one aspect of central air conditioning systems that lower heating costs further. New air conditioning equipment can also further lower maintenance costs. In Central air conditioning systems where furnace replacement is performed, it creates savings from the improvement of energy efficiency, lowers the cost of maintenance, and without sacrificing comfort. Gas furnaces in the 96% efficiency category even with good air handling capabilities for cooling and heating are relatively in-expensive. This is why oil to gas conversions typically pays for themselves when central air conditioning systems are upgraded and combined with hybrids such as with ductless mini-split systems. Other areas that offer substantial increases in performance during an oil to gas conversion of a central ac are air filtration and better ventilation. If your ac currently needs repair work, then let us turn your existing air conditioning system into a better and more efficient performer. High quality air filters greatly improve indoor air quality, while higher rated SEER ac cooling saves money. Replacement by a high efficiency ac outdoor condenser unit with a matching indoor evaporator coil can do wonders for an air conditioner’s efficiency, while duct cleaning or modifying it for better air flow and sealing it for leaks can improve performance even more.

Let our specialized equipment manufacturer training and our other professional training along with our experience in Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality work for you, especially when it comes to oil to gas conversions of commercial central air conditioning, installation or maintenance of residential as well as commercial cooling. Let us provide the exceptional and efficient ac trouble shooting and repair that serve you best. Let us incorporate advanced and timeless design of hybrids such as ultra condensing boilers to your hot water boiler systems and other highly adaptable solutions for your air conditioning needs such as with Variable Refrigerant Flow type of systems that provide comfort, redundancy backup, and lower costs through energy efficiency.

We provide installation, maintenance and repair of central air conditioning units from many different makes and types such as with Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Carrier, Goodman, York, Panasonic, Trane, LG, Daikin and others. In New Jersey, air conditioning maintenance service and repairs as well as top notch installations are provided in the following counties: Hudson, Passaic, Bergen, Sussex, Union, Essex, and Middlesex.

We install various types of new central air conditioning equipment including high velocity small duct ac systems from UNICO and Spacepak. Perfect for brownstones in Jersey City, NJ and other areas of Northern New Jersey are these superb air conditioning systems from UNICO as well as Spacepak. We upgrade existing central air conditioning equipment with high efficiency units that cool better and save money through lower energy cost in Newark, Hackensack, Clifton, Linden, Elizabeth, Edison, Bayonne, Hoboken, West New York and other municipalities in New Jersey. We custom fabricate and install properly sized duct work for central air conditioning in Northern New Jersey. We replace obsolete AC condensers utilizing R22 refrigerant with less costly and safer to our environment R410A refrigerant in central air conditioning systems most of Northern New Jersey. We expertly install, maintain and repair central air conditioning systems with oil heat in Jersey City, Newark, Harrison, Paterson, Haledon, and other New Jersey cities. We also service the oil furnace of a central ac if equipped with one if you live in Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Union, Hudson, and other counties. We perform precision tune-ups on oil furnaces with air conditioning practically in all major cities in Northern New Jersey. Have us professionally maintain or repair your central ac with fuel oil heat for peak performance and long life with the proper tune-up. With natural gas heated central air conditioning systems, we provide maintenance service and repair as well as installation for central air conditioning units that use cleaner and less expensive natural gas heat. We convert central air conditioning equipment using fuel oil to high efficiency gas heat. Central air conditioning systems with oil heat when converted to gas heat and higher efficiency cooling units saves money without sacrificing comfort. Oil to a high efficiency gas heat converted central air conditioning systems typically pay for themselves through lower energy cost. High efficiency ac upgrades also continuously saves money year after year in lower energy and maintenance cost. Call us for your central air conditioning repairs for a quick and expedited service by trained professionals.

We also service and repair ductless mini split air conditioning systems from Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, Panasonic, Samsung, LG and others. Our training in technical electronics and over thirty years’ experience in servicing computers allows us to fix many types of ductless mini split ac system problems that others can't. Ductless mini split air conditioning systems are like sophisticated computers with complicated electronic circuitry that requires a high level of expertise in fixing their problems, especially intermittent ones. Ductless mini split air conditioning systems offer many advantages as compared to regular central air conditioning systems; and that they offer higher efficiency, provide cooling and heating without the use of ducts, multiple room temperature control, and super sophisticated ac system load balancing of cooling and heating, all in a compact and efficient package.

When it comes to the best in central air conditioning, consult with us about high velocity small duct ac such as with UNICO AC Systems. We provide installation of air handlers from UNICO. We upgrade UNICO AC systems to utilize the latest in high efficiency outdoor ac condensers using R410a refrigerant. You get superior performance and use less energy when UNICO air handlers are retrofitted properly. One of the ways to retrofit a UNICO AC system is to thoroughly purge and clean the old refrigerant, and we professionally retrofit these UNICO ac systems at an affordable price.

Spacepak is another type of central air conditioning system of the high velocity small duct type. Spacepak can either utilize chilled water or piped refrigerant. We professionally install Spacepak Chillers with Air Cell Technology. Spacepak ac installations are truly beautiful when done properly, and we are trained to do it right.

If you are located in these Northern New Jersey cities, towns, and counties we can provide you with emergency AC repair: Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic County, Hudson County, Bergen County, Sussex County, Atlantic County, Middlesex County, Warren County, Union County, Vineland County, Gloucester County, Camden County, Somerset County, Burlington County, Mercer County, Morris County, Hunterdon County, Monmouth County, Ocean County, Salem County, Cape May, Ackermans Mills, Albion Place, Aldene, Allendale, Allwood, Alpine, Ampere, Arcola, Apshawa, Arlington, Athenia, Avondale, Awosting, Babbitt, Baltusrol, Bayonne, Bayway, Beaufort, Belleville, Benders Corner, Berkeley Heights, Bergen, Bergen Point, Bergenfield, Bloomfield, Bloomingdale, Brantwood, Bogota, Brookdale, Browns, Caldwell, Carlstadt, Carlton Hill, Cedar Grove, Cherry Hill, Chestnut Ridge, Clark, Cliffside Park, Clifton, Clinton, Closter, Cooper, Communipaw, Coytesville, Cragmere Park, Crane Square, Cranford, Cranford Junction, Cresskill, Croxton, Crystal Lake, Darlington, Delawanna, Demarest, Dumont, East Newark, East Orange, East Rutherford, Echo Lake, Edgewater, Elizabeth, Elizabethport, Elmora, Elmwood Park, Emerson, Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Erskine, Erskine Lakes, Essex Fells, Fairfield, Fairlawn, Fairview, Fanwood, Fardale, Ferdinands Mills, Fort Lee, Franklin, Franklin Lakes, Free Acres ,Garfield, Garwood, Glen Ridge, Glen Rock, Grasselli, Great Notch, Greenville, Guttenberg, Haledon, Haskell, Hawthorne, Hewitt, Hackensack, Harrington Park, Harrison, Hasbrouck Heights, Haworth, Hillsdale, Hillsdale Manor, Hillside, Hoboken, Ho-Ho-Kus, Hudson Heights, Hutton Park, Irvington, Jersey City, Kearny, Kenilworth, Kings Woods, Kingsland, Leonia, Liberty Square, Linden, Linwood, Little Ferry, Livingston, Llewellyn Park, Lodi, Lyndhurst, Madison Hill, Mahwah, Marion, Masonicus, Maywood, Maplewood, Millburn, Milltown, Montclair, Montclair Heights, Montvale, Moonachie, Morehousetown, Morsemere, Mountainside, Murray Hill, Meadow Village, Midland Park, Mount Pleasant, New Bridge, New Durham, New Milford, Newark, Newark Heights, Newstead, North, North Caldwell, Northfield, Nutley, North Arlington, North Bergen, North Hackensack, Northvale, Norwood, Oak Island Junction, Oakland, Oakwood Park, Old Tappan, Oradell, Orange, Overlook, Palisades Park, Paramus, Park Ridge, Park Village, Perth Amboy Junction, Passaic Junction, Plainfield, Pleasantdale, Pulis Mills, Lake View, Lakeside, Little Falls, Macopin, Moe, Monks, Mountain View, Netherwood, Newfoundland, New Providence, North Haledon, Oak Ridge, Packanack Lake, Passaic, Paterson, Pines Lake, Pompton, Pompton Junction, Pompton Lakes, Port Johnson, Postville, Prospect Park, Radburn, Rahway, Ramsey, Ridgefield, Ridgefield Park, Ridgewood, Ridgewood Junction, River Edge, River Vale, Richfield, Ringwood, Riverside, Rochelle Park, Rockleigh, Roseland, Roselle, Roselle Park, Roseville, Rutherford, Saddle Brook, Saddle River, Saint Cloud, Saint Josephs Village, , Scotch Plains, Secaucus, Short Hills, Sinnickson Landing, Springfield, Staten Island Junction, Stony Hill, Summit, Singac, Skylands, Smiths Mills, Springfield, South Hackensack, South Orange, Stonetown Summit, Stony Hill, Staten Island Junction, Teaneck, Tenafly, Teterboro, Totowa, Tremley, Tremley Point, Tremont Park, Two Bridges, Undercliff Junction, Union, Union City, Union Square, Union Village, Upper Montvale, Upper Saddle River, Upper Greenwood Lake, Upper Macopin, Upper Greenwood Lake, Upper Macopin, Upper Montclair, Uttertown, Vauxhall, Verona, Villa Marie Claire, Wanaque, Waldwick, Wallington, Warren Point, Wayne, Weehawken West Bergen, West Caldwell, West Englewood, West Mahwah, West Milford, West New York, West Orange, West View, Westfield, Westville, Westwood, White Oak Ridge, Winfield, Woodbridge, Woodcliff Lake, Woodland Park, Wood-Ridge, Wortendyke, Wyckoff, Wyoming.

We provide courteous and professional service at an affordable price and will come and greet you with a smile!

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Duct-less Mini-split AC Service

Ductless MiniSplit AC Repair - Install, Maintenance Service

Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Daikin Mini-split AC Service

Fujitsu Ductless Mini-Split AC Service & Installation

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